WildBerry Large End Cap

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Kit contains: 24 best-selling 11″ traditional stick fragrances (2 bundles each); 10 best-selling Shorties™ fragrances (2 bundles each); 6 best-selling packaged cones ( 6 packs of each); 6 wax melt fragrances ( 6 packs of each); 12 fragrance oils (3 half-ounce bottles each); corresponding labeled display jars for sticks; display materials, including 2 baggie basket w/pen and P.O.P. signs; 600 zip top 2″x 12″ bags; 200 zip top 3″ x 5″ bags; merchandising information folder; UPC scan card; 1 dozen traditional stick ash catchers; 4 Shorties™ burners; 8 cone burners; 1 oil warmer; 1 customer sample bundle of 100 incense sticks; and lighted end cap rack. (Rack: 32″ wide x 23″ deep x 82″ tall)

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WildBerry Large End Cap

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