Hand Rolled Leaf By King Palm

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XL Size 10ct
XL 5pk
XXL 5pk 15ct
XXL Size 10ct
King Size $2.99
King Size 25pk + Boveda
Slim 2pk $2.49
King Size Single TB
Slim Single Strg TB
XL Size Single TB
Slim Size 25PK + Boveda
Mini Size 25PK+Boveda
Rollies 5PK
Slim Size 5PK
Mini Size 5PK
King Size 5PK
Mini Size 4PK
Slim Size 3PK
King Size 2PK
Mini 2PK $1.99
Mini 2PK $2.49
Rollie+Boveda 25PK
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King Size $2.99, King Size 25pk + Boveda, King Size 2PK, King Size 5PK, King Size Single TB, Mini 2PK $1.99, Mini 2PK $2.49, Mini Size 25PK+Boveda, Mini Size 4PK, Mini Size 5PK, Mini Size 5pk + Boveda, Rollie+Boveda 25PK, Rollies 5PK, Slim 2pk $2.49, Slim Single Strg TB, Slim Size 25PK + Boveda, Slim Size 3PK, Slim Size 5PK, XL Size 10ct, XL Size Single TB, XXL Size 10ct, XL 5pk, XXL 5pk 15ct

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Hand Rolled Leaf By King Palm

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